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bridal terms

The less exciting, but albeit important stuff..

Hannah has a flat rate of £360 for bridal
parties of up to 5 people, so whether there is
one person or five people in your party, the price
remains the same.

A non-refundable deposit of £180 is to be paid,
as soon as agreed by Hannah and the bride, to
secure the wedding date.

The date cannot be held until the deposit has
been paid and until then, the requested date will
be open to other enquiries.

A trial is compulsory for the bride, Hannah
advises a trial approximately 3 months prior to
the wedding date, however this can be done at
any time to suit your needs.

Bridal trials are held Wednesday - Friday at
Hannah's studio. The cost is £65 and is to be
paid on the day of the trial and is not included in
the flat rate.

The final balance of the remaining £180, plus
travel, has to be paid at least one month before
the wedding date.

The travel cost is based on the length of time it
takes for Hannah to travel home, 
chargeable one way/per hour (for example, if it
takes Hannah an hour to travel home, the travel
cost will be £50, as you are paying for her time
away from the studio).

Hannah requires between 45 - 90 minutes per
person on the wedding morning. Hannah will
always require more time for bridal makeup and
her only request is that the bride is never first, or
last for her makeup where possible.

An additional artist will be required if Hannah is
unable to do everyone's makeup in the required
time (because of venue time constraints, or you
have a large bridal party for example).
This will
be arranged by Hannah herself, always with
your consent. The cost of the additional artist
will be added onto the price you are quoted.


Early morning bookings, where Hannah has to
start before 7am and if the travel time exceeds
75 minutes, accommodation close to your
wedding venue will be required at the expense
of/ and to be arranged by the bride.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of
the bride to familiarise themselves with,
understand and accept responsibility for the
T&C'S prior to booking.

Aside from the formalities, my main priority is to
make sure you feel as relaxed, confident and
beautiful as possible on your wedding day and I
will do my upmost to make sure of that.
A wedding morning is so special and unique to
every bridal party and they are something I
absolutely adore being a part of and I really do
feel so lucky to call this my job.

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