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o u r   s t o r y 

Founded by makeup artist Hannah Atter, the intimate little studio opened in March 2019 offering both professional makeup appointments, as well as semi-permanent eyelash extensions.


Hannah specialises in bridal, prom and graduation makeup, she has been in the industry for over six years, also working for a reputable makeup brand within that time, before becoming self-employed and finally, proudly opening Muse in 2019.


The studio offers makeup for every occasion, as well as lessons for beginners who would like to improve their makeup abilities. Muse is also home to Alicia, an amazing eyelash technician and makeup artist, offering a range of semi-permanent lash styles to suit everyone including Classic, Hybrid and Russian lashes.

Both girls have a true love for what they do and feel extremely happy to have shaped Muse into a friendly, welcoming and comforting place to visit. 





s e r v i c e s

m a k e  u p

we offer makeup to suit everyone, whatever your style, event or mood - our main objective being to enhance rather than disguise natural beauty..


we provide optional strip lashes and makeup appointment times at the studio are between 45 - 75 minutes..

..your appointment can begin from as early as you need, just let us know your personal requirements 


we will always make sure you leave us feeling your most amazing self



l e s s o n s

lessons are available on certain days, with each session lasting for approximately two hours..

..they are specifically tailored to your needs and abilities, you choose one full look to master on your own face..

.. lessons make the perfect gift for mum's, daughters, cousins.. anyone wishing to perfect their own personal makeup style,


they are also popular for those brides getting married abroad who are doing their own makeup

you will leave feeling fulfilled with a detailed list and breakdown of products and brushes to perfect your look at home 

b r i d a l

bridal makeup is an entirely unique and personalised experience for every bride..

..this is where we feel we can truly shine,  creating a look that is individually tailored to you and one that is radiant and timeless..

..the aim being to guarantee the bride and her party feel as relaxed, happy and beautiful as possible on your best day ever....

..bridal trials are a must for us to be able to perfect your look, these will be held at the studio, but artists will travel to you on the wedding day if required..


..terms and conditions will be sent you when booking

e y e l a s h e s

alicia offers an extensive portfolio of semi-permanent lash styles including the ever popular classic, russian and hybrid to the highest standard..


..different lash styles require varied appointment times, whilst also differing in price..


..alicia has her own personal booking system (using the 'Fresha' app) whereby clients can manage their own  bookings.. is advised that clients contact alicia directly when booking their first appointment (07491500002)


p o r t f o l i o


r e v i e w s

Poppy, Eyelashes
Hayley, Bride
Abi, Bride
Allison, Eyelashes
Emma, Bride
Becky, Bride

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